My 1st ERASMUS post…about time.

It has been 13 days I am  here in Barcelona and I have already attended the sessions of the orientation week at the UPC. Well, Barcelona…It ‘s really an amazing city. I can’t wait to meet and get to know better with even more people at the university (or even not only there) .The weather the first 9 days has been more than great. Now, autumn tries to make us notice its presence with some rain every now and then.

I have met lots of people from Italy, people from France, even greek and cypriot students…great guys all of them. I believe I will also make more contact with locals soon. I try to improve my castellano, but now I also see the need to learn català ( I will take courses actually)! I believe it will be most confusing, but I am sure that castellano will be sufficient enough for the school. I will also apply for classes of català at the university. I have 3 courses in english and 2 in català. I have attended one lesson for each course, I must admit that when the professor is talking in català I understand very few words, so I have to pay attention to the blackboard and the slides.

The quality and quantity of the infrastructure here at the UPC is more than I could imagine. It’s a paradise.

And now…for something that I am really happy about. I am officially a member of FC Barcelona 🙂 and I have acquired 3 tickets for matches with Atletico Madrid, Mallorca and Villareal !!!

Anyway my photoset is here (it will be updated from time to time) :

Fedora 11 released and me being busy.

OK. Now that I have the chance to take a break from studying, I can finally make a post. I’m in the middle of my exams period.

First of all, I’m writing from my clean-installed Fedora 11 x86_64 system :). You have to see it boot. Everything seems to work just fine. I just forgot to save my bookmarks :P. But! After the installation I didn’t forgot to yum groupinstallElectronic Lab‘ .

I am looking forward to start a project suggested from my professor at the TEI.  It will concern low power microcontrollers for wireless sensor networks. And guess what…it will be open source !!! (I just found out about uClinux and this) After my exams period I will try to find out how this can be combined with Fedora. Furthermore, maybe there is a chance I will do a little research (or something like that, I don’t know for sure yet) on HCI systems in collaboration with the University of Athens on February. I hope this will come true :). We’ll see.

I’m also getting ready for my studies at Barcelona, at the Facultad de Informática de Barcelona of the Universitat Politécnica de Catalunya  (UPC), I was accepted as an Erasmus student for the next semester. I’m in search of a place to stay. Single rooms with wifi and my own WC are hard to find though. I hope I’ll make it. I will also look forward to meet guys of the local Fedora community there. It’ll be fun.

To be honest I wanted this post to be for my presentation at NTUA which went well, not as many people as I expected. But hey! We never give up, and we always try to become even better. The presentation lasted for 1 hour and I tried to be as much prepared as possible. It’s not easy when you are a pre-graduate student of electronics to talk about VLSI systems etc. I am still waiting for photographic material to post.

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