My 1st ERASMUS post…about time.

It has been 13 days I am  here in Barcelona and I have already attended the sessions of the orientation week at the UPC. Well, Barcelona…It ‘s really an amazing city. I can’t wait to meet and get to know better with even more people at the university (or even not only there) .The weather the first 9 days has been more than great. Now, autumn tries to make us notice its presence with some rain every now and then.

I have met lots of people from Italy, people from France, even greek and cypriot students…great guys all of them. I believe I will also make more contact with locals soon. I try to improve my castellano, but now I also see the need to learn català ( I will take courses actually)! I believe it will be most confusing, but I am sure that castellano will be sufficient enough for the school. I will also apply for classes of català at the university. I have 3 courses in english and 2 in català. I have attended one lesson for each course, I must admit that when the professor is talking in català I understand very few words, so I have to pay attention to the blackboard and the slides.

The quality and quantity of the infrastructure here at the UPC is more than I could imagine. It’s a paradise.

And now…for something that I am really happy about. I am officially a member of FC Barcelona 🙂 and I have acquired 3 tickets for matches with Atletico Madrid, Mallorca and Villareal !!!

Anyway my photoset is here (it will be updated from time to time) :

Author: Kostas Antonakoglou

Research Associate @ Centre for Telecommunications Research, King's College London

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