I really really gnome-do

Short story : I installed gnome-do on Fedora. Do your self a favour and install it too.


For Fedora users go to Add/Remove Applications and type gnome-do. Select the application and press “Apply” to install it 🙂

or for keyboard-lovers (the 1st way is more simple) just type (or paste) in your terminal:    su -c ” yum install -y gnome-do” , give your root password and you are good to go.

Actually, I don’t really like -y inside the command ( “-y” means yes to any message that occurs after you tell yum you want to install a package). I like to see what I install  (dependencies etc). But it’s faster this way for gnome-do. Gnome-do is similar to Mozilla’s Ubiquity for Firefox.

By default it is activated automatically at start-up and afterwards you need to press a keyboard shortcut (<Super>+space). Gnome-do is of course customizable. You can also add plug-ins. (For KDE fans, the default krunner -thanks Andrew-)

In Greek:

Με λίγα λόγια : Εγκατέστησα το gnome-do στο Fedora. Βάλτε το!  Πως? (1o link πάνω) [1]

[1] http://do.davebsd.com/wiki/Installing_Do Μεσω του γραφικού περιβάλλοντος πηγαίνουμε System->Administration->Add/Remove Software και γράφουμε στου κουτάκι της εύρεσης “gnome-do” επιλέγουμε το πακέτο και έπειτα πατάμε κατω δεξιά το Apply.

Αλλιώς για τους λάτρεις του terminal su -c ” yum install -y gnome-do”  🙂

Είναι προεπιλεγμένο να ξεκινάει με την εκίνηση του Fedora και ενεργοποιήται (σε περίπτωση που το χρησιμοποιήσετε και χαθεί) με το <Super>+Space (το Super είναι συνήθως το εικονιδιάκι των Windows -_- ) .Έχει και plugins (προεκτάσεις).Για τους λάτρεις του ΚDE (μπλιαχ :P) υπάρχει προεγκατεστημένο το krunner.

Author: Kostas Antonakoglou

Research Associate @ Centre for Telecommunications Research, King's College London

7 thoughts on “I really really gnome-do”

  1. “do your self a favor and install it to”:

    Sorry, I will do myself a favor and *not* install anything that requires mono. Mono is a patent trap and a litigation disaster waiting to happen. Good luck with your mono dependent stuff. Hope you will see the light some day.

    1. Dear Pieter,

      Since it’s in the repos of Fedora (and after a bit of research I did) it’s not very clear whether or not using Mono applications is dangerous because of the patents fear. Mono maybe is risky but I believe in some aspects it’s existence makes sense (think about Wine).

      Furthermore, in case you suggested an other application, not using Mono, I would say ” Yeah…you are right. Do your self a favour and install the other one”. But since there isn’t, you are just loosing a good free and open source tool 🙂

    2. Avoiding ‘-y’ whilst installing gnome-do is a fantastic idea, as you get to gawp at the ~30MB of dependencies that it pulls in on a default install.

      And as for “no alternatives”, gnome-launch-box[0] still just about exists, is faster and mono-free.

      gnome-do is an excellent piece of software, but at the end of the day it’s not that complicated in terms of the code, and the political point that the developers make by continuining with it in mono is an odd one to my mind.

      [0] http://live.gnome.org/GnomeLaunchBox

    3. Let’s do some myth-busting here… The facts:

      1. Mono is free software, under the GNU GPL 2 license.

      2. Most software (both free and non-free) unfortunately contain patents, because of the current laws. All software companies (including RedHat, Novell, etc.) have filed various patents.

      3. Anyone can threaten to assert a patent against any piece of software (both free and non-free). Actually doing so, let alone proving it in court is a different matter altogether.

      4. Microsoft has NOT openly threatened anyone with patent lawsuits for using any specific free software (including Mono). Sure they did it implicitly, by offering “patent indemnity” for Novell and their clients, and that’s why everyone condemned Novell’s position.

      5. The single biggest lawsuit against free software, the one that is most likely to start the nuclear patent war, was only recently filed by… Oracle, not Microsoft, and it pertains to the equally GPLd and free-as-in-speech Java, not Mono.

      What conclusions can be drawn from these?

      A. Licensing is one matter, patents is another.

      B. You never know who’s going to sue you first and for what. However the wolf that growls more is not always the most dangerous.

      C. You can never be safe as long as patents as not legally abolished. That should be the target, not avoiding any particular software (and especially software which is 100% free – as in, GPL2).

  2. Actually, that KDE application is definitely not maintained any longer; further, KDE4 already ships krunner by default, which is a similar concept for an application launcher.

    1. OK guys. I made a bit of research…installed gnome-launch-box, configured Compiz to execute the launch command via a keyboard short-cut and I am ready to post how I did it (tomorrow maybe), and of course why I prefer to use this rather than gnome-do. I think that this is enough for my atonement!!! hahaha!

      Thank you all for the info and the comments. Much appreciated!

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